National Children’s Day UK 2019


Children’s author, Francesca Hepton, is teaming up with local Martial Arts centre AIM to help raise awareness for National Children’s Day on the 12th of May 2019. Together we’re taking steps to help children be healthy inside and out. Come and show your support or enter our prize draw by pre-ordering the latest Kiki + Friends book.

National Children's Day UK 2019 Party at AIM Martial Arts with author Francesca Hepton

NCDUK Party 12 May 2019

A Positive Start for Children


  • 10 am Welcome introduction – brief talk on the benefits of Martial Art for children’s health + the latest book release from Francesca Hepton promoting children’s self-confidence through her kung fu kitten in the story: “A Case of Mistaken Identity”
  • 10.30 amFace painting – transform into your favourite big cat
  • 10.30 amPin the headband on the Kitty – a new take on an old game. If you’re not getting your face painted, test your skills of sense and direction and maybe win a prize
  • 11 amEarn your headband. Master Hudson will put children to the test in a fun mini martial arts session where each child can earn their own headband.
  • 11.30 amSleeping lions. A little quiet time before cake. Prizes for the best sleeping lions.
  • 11.45 amCake made by fabulous local baker and closing thank you circle.
  • 11.45 amEnter our amazing raffle. Prizes announced on the 25th of May.

Raffle Prizes

How to enter:

Simply pre-order a copy of “A Case of Mistaken Identity” and send your amazon receipt to – enter the name of your local martial arts centre in the subject. so you get the right prizes!

How Martial Arts can help

Practising martial arts encourages children to look after their bodies and their minds. Every bit of training, every drop of sweat, every effort your child makes as they train reinforces the importance of remaining disciplined until they have accomplished the goal. The goal can be a new skill, balance or technique. Everything to help them develop and flourish with a focus on:

  • exercises
  • behaviour
  • manners
  • self-reliance
  • respect
  • concentration
  • social skills
  • SELF-CONFIDENCE – like Kiki!!

Giving our children the best possible start for a healthy and bright future doesn’t have to be difficult. Our bodies and minds are connected, meaning that what we do to improve our physical wellbeing can help our mental and emotional wellbeing too.

Being fit helps us to feel better in ourselves, focus on what we want to do and deal with difficult times.

You can help them do this! Introduce them to this positive training and/or encourage them to read books like “A Case of Mistaken Identity” that reinforce the message or self-belief. Check out the message of the book here.

Fun and Adventure with Kiki and Friends: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Children deserve the best start

We know from working in schools that children in every class have diagnosable mental health conditions and many more struggle with challenges from bullying to bereavement. Whether you’re a parent, guardian or concerned adult, you can get involved and help us reach as many children as possible.

Come to our book launch party at AIM Martial Arts or find one near you. If you can’t come along, show your support and buy a copy of this amazing book. Send your amazon receipt to (enter your local Martial Arts centre / town in the subject) and we’ll automatically enter you in our raffle.

Find a party near you

Published by Francesca Hepton

Author and wellness mentor Francesca Hepton is a champion for children's health, well-being and a catalyst for personal growth. Her services include books, kits, and courses predominantly in the field of health, well-being, stress reduction, and life-style choices, as well as workshops with associated course material in the form of manuals, storybooks, training manuals, videos, audios, and mentoring services.

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