Kiki the Kung Fu Kitten

Kiki the Kung Fu Kitten

A beautiful story of friendship and the power of self-belief. Kiki, a little stray kitten, uses her own amazing powers to fend off a big bully and turn him into a great new friend.

This story will make you laugh and feel all the goodness in the world hug your heart.

A new anti-bullying book for children. A unique and spirited bullying book for children with a great story.

Kiki the kung fu kitten story for children

Great aid for schools, kindergartens and pre-schools.
Children love this heart-warming story of friendship.

Babili Books is proud to present this wonderful, uplifting story written and illustrated by Francesca Hepton.

Kiki the kung fu kitten - A story of friendship

Through fun rhymes and colourful pictures Kiki shows how understanding and self-belief can conquer all fears.

Also available from Barnes and Noble, Imagined Things Book Store, amazon and Audio, ebook and paperback. Even in Italian!

Published by Francesca Hepton

Author and wellness mentor Francesca Hepton is a champion for children's health, well-being and a catalyst for personal growth. Her services include books, kits, and courses predominantly in the field of health, well-being, stress reduction, and life-style choices, as well as workshops with associated course material in the form of manuals, storybooks, training manuals, videos, audios, and mentoring services.

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