Kiki’s Christmas Calendar

Kiki's FREE Christmas Calendar with links and QR Codes. Just click or scan to open up your window of surprise. Definitely more fun than chocolates. And yes, it's free. A little treat after such a strange year.
Spreading a little joy to our children
The purr-fect gift for children under 10.

Based on the successful Kiki’s I CAN Journal for Kids

It has been such a trying year for our children (and us parents!). Kiki thought it might be nice to make a surprise treat for them. So she put her head together with Banjo, Piero and Dali and they came up with the idea of a Challenge Advent Calendar. Admittedly Banjo just ate all the biscuits during the planning and brainstorming sessions, but he played a vital role in keeping everybody’s spirits up with his positive nature. And that is what we want to do: keep your spirits up.


Yes it’s true. The best things in life are free, that is why we are offering this amazing advent calendar completely free (only make a donation of your choosing if you want to down below)

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Because the “Challenges” week was such a hit in our trials, we decided to base much of this calendar on things for the children to find, learn or do. Plus there are wordsearches and colouring in sheets to keep them busy in a productive and creative way—Kiki even came up with a new tongue twister and Dali wrote a poem!


Kiki's Christmas Challenge - Free Advent Calendar packed with fun challenges and activities. Ideal for children under 10... and certainly better than chocolates. Spreading a little joy after a difficult year x
Kiki’s Christmas Calendar

If you have any trouble downloading or opening or using the file, just let me know and I’ll help you: CONTACT



Here is a version using QR code scans if you prefer. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can just hold your phone up to each day with a QR code reader to access the challenges. Kiki thought it was best to leave it in Word so you can enlarge the scans in case your reader is very sensitive and scans the day next to the one you want!

Kiki's FREE Christmas Calendar with QR Codes. Just scan to open up your window of surprise. Definitely more fun than chocolates. And yes, it's free. A little treat after such a strange year.
QR Code Scan version
A few thoughts….
  • Don’t worry, your child doesn’t need to know the Kiki and Friends stories to enjoy this advent calendar.
  • Designed especially for Christmas. All the content is unique.
  • Challenges help broaden your child’s mind and make them feel more confident.
  • Learning and growing through fun things to do and learn is the best way.


Kiki and her friends hope you and your little ones enjoy the calendar and wish you a Merry Catmas and Furry Happy New Year!

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Kiki and her friends are grateful for your generosity.


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