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Are you ready to release your child’s full potential? Start the next chapter in their journey with the first chapter of Francesca’s books.

Francesca Hepton, creator of Kiki and Friends, with the amazing Kiki herself!

Author and wellness mentor Francesca Hepton is a champion for children’s health, well-being and a catalyst for personal growth. Her work includes The Kiki and Friends series of adventure stories for early readers, 2 delightful rhyming picture books, 6 self-help books, 2 well-being journals, PSHE courses predominantly in the field of mental health, stress reduction, and life-style choices, as well as workshops with associated course material in the form of manuals, storybooks, training manuals, videos, audios, and mentoring services.

Read Francesca’s punchy and entertaining books or try some of her free courses to enhance your child’s positivity and self-belief.

What People Say

All of Francesca’s work has a very positive effect on our pupils. I am always pleased to work with her, she is an inspirational woman. Her resources are both unique and effective.

Laura Brooke (Director of Wellness, Harrogate Ladies College, UK)

My 6-year old son loves the Kiki stories. His favorite part is the Roar which he always joins in with at Storytime.

Dayna Davis – Author and mother of 3

Brilliant! My girls loved this. The stories are captivating. Can’t get their noses out of the books. Mesmerised by Storytime with Kiki. Looking forward to more resources from Francesca.

Master James Hudson (Owner of AIM Martial Arts & Leadership Academy, North Yorkshire, UK)

I’m Francesca Hepton. I write children’s books, host workshops at schools, libraries and online, and I write courses for PSHE Yr 5s and 6s.

So, your kids are in safe hands!

Who is Kiki?

The Kiki stories are inspired by my cat. She was small, polite and sweet and she made me laugh. I wanted to immortalise her amazing abilities for my children in the form of fun adventure stories.

Your young children will love her.

Kiki and her friends are always faced with a big dilemma. They triumph over seemingly impossible situations using the virtues of honesty, teamwork and of course, Kiki’s amazing powers. She represents the values of kindness, selflessness and has extraordinary powers for one so small. Kiki is a voice for those looking to grow in self-confidence. Which she uses in times of uncertainty, to outwit the baddies. She’s a strong beacon of calm, reliable hope. A wonderful role model for your kids.

Let’s have some fun!

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