Mental Health amongst Children

There are some frightening statistics out there regarding how our young people are feeling today. Reading and Martial Arts goes even further in a child’s personal development. Both practices improve children’s ability to concentrate on a task and their endurance as they see it through to its completion. Perhaps the the biggest benefit is their boost in self-confidence:

National Children’s Day UK 2019

Children’s author, Francesca Hepton, is teaming up with local Martial Arts centre AIM to help raise awareness for National Children’s Day on the 12th of May 2019. Together they are taking steps to help children be healthy inside and out. Come to the FREE party or show your support by entering the prize draw to win some fantastic prizes worth over £300!

Girl Almighty Self-Image Workshops

Join us at one of our workshops for a special one-day event for girls ages 9-11 focusing on appreciating one’s beauty both inside and out as well as self-esteem. Workshops usually begin at 10am and end at 4pm – a healthy light lunch will be included. Location: Harrogate, UK Inviting all girls (ages 9-11) lookingContinue reading “Girl Almighty Self-Image Workshops”

Positivity Program for Tween Girls

We all experience moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. Even the most confident and happy people have moments where they think “I’m a failure.” It’s a part of being human. Building self-esteem can be a difficult journey for young girls, but it’s much easier to plant this seed at a young age and tend to it as yourContinue reading “Positivity Program for Tween Girls”