Kiki + Friends Books

Fun, wholesome and spirited stories for young children. All of Kiki’s books are packed with laughter, silly scrapes and important life lessons. Within their content they represent a progressive step forwards in learning through the power of storytelling, whilst remaining enjoyable stories on the surface. A real asset for any parent interested in supporting their child’s wellbeing and sense of confidence.

Adventure stories for early readers


“The Circus Is Coming To Town”

The Circus Is Coming To Town - A book for early readers. Helping children become more caring about the world around them.

This time Kiki and Friends are needed by the animals trapped in the circus. But wait! Oh no! Those pesky Farmies are after them again too. How will they get away?! Join them for some laughs and a sing-song in this special story celebrating our beautiful world of animals. To be released on World Elephant Day in support of these majestic and sensitive animals. (animal cruelty, trust, friendship)

A Case of Mistaken Identity

An embarrassing case of mistaken identity, a cat that won’t leave, and a plan filled with disguises and thrills. This hilarious yet touching story is sure to bring the super-cat out in YOU too. (confidence, friendship, honesty)

A Case of Mistaken Identity - a tale of friendship, mischievous scrapes and the importance of being honest. Perfect for 5to 7 yr olds.

“Kiki’s I CAN Journal for Kids”

This fun illustrated action journal is designed to nurture a confident mindset and healthy daily habits for life in just a few minutes every day.
With the help of Kiki and Friends, your child is encouraged to look for the positive, spend time being mindful and reflect on how they feel

3-Month Daily Journal For Children: Kiki's I CAN Journal for Kids encourages children to look for the positive, spend time being mindful and reflect on how they feel. Its scientifically proven methods promote a confident mindset and nurture healthy choices.
Kiki’s I CAN Journal for Kids

Kiki’s I CAN Journal for Kids: Based on Kiki’s signature red headband for confidence.

Illustrated rhyming books

Kiki the Kung-Fu Kitten

A warm take of friendship: Kiki the Kung-Fu Kitten is a spirited rhyming book that introduces Kiki to the children. She is a compassionate kitten who manages to turn a grumpy bully named Banjo into her best friend!

A beautiful story of friendship and the power of self-belief. Kiki, a little stray kitten, uses her own amazing powers to fend off a big bully and turn him into a great new friend.

This story will make you laugh and feel all the goodness in the world hug your heart.

A new anti-bullying book for children. A unique and spirited bullying book for children with a great story. Also available as an audiobook.

Great aid for schools, kindergartens and pre-schools. Children love this heart-warming story of friendship and compassion.

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