Girl Almighty Self-Image Workshops

Join us at one of our workshops for a special one-day event for girls ages 9-11 focusing on appreciating one’s beauty both inside and out as well as self-esteem. Workshops usually begin at 10am and end at 4pm – a healthy light lunch will be included. Location: Harrogate, UK Inviting all girls (ages 9-11) lookingContinue reading “Girl Almighty Self-Image Workshops”

Positivity Program for Tween Girls

We all experience moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. Even the most confident and happy people have moments where they think “I’m a failure.” It’s a part of being human. Building self-esteem can be a difficult journey for young girls, but it’s much easier to plant this seed at a young age and tend to it as yourContinue reading “Positivity Program for Tween Girls”