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Colouring-in fun with Kiki the Kung Fu Kitten

Yum, yum. Looks like Kiki and Banjo are enjoying a tasty dinner – oh, and they are not alone!

Kiki the kung fu kitten - A story of friendship
Kiki and Bajo’s yummy dinner

Can you see what Kiki is reading? And what is Banjo doing? Wow, he is exercising with the help of his little mice friends.

Kiki and Banjo at play

Meet Kiki and her friends. Can you name them all?

Kiki and Friends Family Tree

Uh-oh, it’s that bad lot from Murk Farm! Can you name all the Farmies?

The Farmies


Free activities with Kiki and Friends. Download some fun for your child that will help relax them whilst getting them thinking!


What’s missing? Spot 5 differences (download file below for the answer)


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