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If you love your kids but wake up longing for them to go to bed, waiting for the end of the day so you can have a drink, or slump in front of the TV, then this guide is for you. It’ll help you enjoy your day. Enjoy time with your children. No need to dread it. Get the guide.

Free ebook providing 4 ways to help loving parents manage their child's anxiety whilst balancing their work and homelife
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If you’d like my FREE guide for Busy/Single Parents Who Are Not OK contact me here:

It contains

  1. The essential ingredients for destressing (not distressing!)
  2. Tools to keep the balance in your home and mind
  3. Example daily routine for single parents who work at home

Get your guide to easier parenting here – even if you’re a couple you might find it useful! It’s my gift to you as one parent to another. FIND OUT MORE


Three comprehensive ecourses on udemy to help you raise healthy, confident and happy children


This course has been designed to help children be more confident. It provides practical methods and lesson plans focusing on 3 main areas:

1. Essential Life Skills to provide children with a strong foundation

2. Daily Gratitude Practice to cultivate a problem-solving attitude

3. Dealing with Bullying – techniques to empower and promote understanding


Overview of the course

This course will help you teach young children essential life skills, become more self-confident, more aware of others and challenge them to grow.

It will walk you through 10 fundamental life skills essential for empowering children to become more positive and happy.


Explore robust effective course to prevent bullying among young children.

The magic combo: Martial Arts & Reading – a great way to learn and teach:

To help teachers and educators raise awareness and effectively change behavior among young children, this course uses a variety of teaching methods:

  1. The power of storytelling – using  2 picture books to instil values of courage, self-belief and respect in tackling bullies.
  2. Martial Arts strategies – 5 non-violent ways to deal with bullies at school or in the playground.
  3. Standing tall – take charge of your life, moving from victim to empowered.
  4. Importance of respect – learning the life skill of respect and self-respect
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